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Mteja Water System

A smart water meter is a prepaid water metering system that can be used in commercial and private water vending businesses, commercial buildings, carwashes, etc.
Mteja offers two types of smart water meters: vending meters (ATM) and residential meters.
A vending meter is designed for dispensing water through vending machines. It is ideal for public spaces, commercial zones, and community water access points.
A residential meter is designed for installation as sub meters in homes, serving individual household utility management and payments.
You can recharge your Mteja smart water meter easily through Mpesa.
When your Mteja smart water meter runs out of credit, the meter will automatically shut off to prevent unauthorized usage.
The Mteja Water meters are easy to install. You will need to contact your plumber or Mteja Water can recommend pre qualified plumbers.
Smart water vending machine: Starting price from kes 25,000
The smart residential meters: Starting price from kes 15,000
Yes, a 10% nominal administration fee covers cash collection, the online platform, and remote meter support, enhancing your experience and ensuring reliable, efficient water management.
Transparency in Billing: Track water usage in real-time to avoid bill shock.
No More Overpayment: Pay only for what you consume, eliminating overpayment.
Payment Flexibility: Choose any amount to pay for based on your budget and pay easily through M-Pesa.
Convenience: Manage water usage efficiently without dealing with invoices or estimating shared bills.