Mteja Smart Water System

Mteja Smart Water System is a prepaid smart water metering system that can be used in commercial and private water vending business, commercial buildings, carwashes etc.

Mteja Smart Meter Advanced Features

Discover the Smart Way to Manage Your Water:

Prepaid Water Solution

With Mteja Prepaid Smart Meters, taking control of your water usage is effortless. Purchase water tokens in advance and watch your consumption transform into a conscious choice..

Effortless Usage Monitoring

Monitor your water consumption with ease and plan ahead effectively. Mteja meters provide real-time insights to empower your water management decisions.

Tailored Tariff Flexibility

Embrace the freedom to choose. Mteja Prepaid systems offer a range of tariff structures, allowing you to select the payment options that align with your locality and preferences.

Instant Mpesa Recharge

Recharge your water credits seamlessly through the convenience of Mpesa mobile money. Experience a swift, reliable, cost-efficient and hassle-free way to top up your water balance regardless of the time and place.

Seamless Automatic Shutoff

Experience peace of mind as your water credit depletes. Once your available credit is fully utilized, the smart meter intelligently triggers an automatic shutoff, ensuring a pause until new credits are added.

Empowering Remote Management

Our advanced technology empowers utility providers to oversee the Mteja Prepaid system remotely. With enhanced insights into consumption patterns, better customer service is just a step away.

Smartmeter statistics

Mteja Smartmeter has produced the following statistics since its launch. These statistics show the number of people who have all benefited from our products and services. They are:

  • Total Number of Meters - 70
  • Total number of clients - 300
  • Total liters of water served to the customers - 500,000 liters

Join the Water Revolution with Mteja Prepaid Smart Meters - Where Control Meets Convenience.

Advantages of Mteja Smartmeter Water System

Elevate your water experience with Mteja Prepaid Smart Water Meters-Empowering Efficiency, Security, and Trust.

Effortless Installation

Installing Mteja Prepaid water meters is a breeze. They seamlessly integrate into existing water supply systems, making retrofits a viable option for hassle-free implementation.

Instant Recharge

Say goodbye to cumbersome processes. With our system, customers can effortlessly recharge their water credits via Mpesa, eliminating the need for manual input of token numbers.

Tamper-Proof Security

Safeguarding your supply. Our smart meters boast automatic tamper detection, promptly triggering a system shutdown to thwart any unauthorized usage and prevent water theft.

No Deposit, No Late Fees

Embrace financial flexibility. Our prepaid system obviates the need for security deposits and late payment fees, putting an end to unexpected charges and fostering a straightforward payment approach.

Crystal-Clear Transparency

Transparency at your fingertips. Mteja Prepaid meters bring you complete clarity in billing and usage. Effortlessly monitor your consumption, expenses, and remaining credit, cultivating a trustworthy bond between consumers and utility providers.

Equitable Billing and Payment

Equitable Billing and Payment: Fairness embedded in every drop. Our prepaid meters guarantee that you pay solely for the water you utilize. Bid adieu to estimations and erroneous bills, as accuracy takes center stage, minimizing the chances of disputes.

Choose Your Plan

  • Designed for dispensing water through vending machines.
  • Ideal for public spaces, commercial zones, and community water access points.
  • Facilitates the purchase of water credit or units through vending machines.
  • Provides information about remaining water credit or units.
  • Recharge easily through

  • Tailored for installation in homes, serving individual household utility management and payments
  • Enables users to manage and monitor their utility consumption in real-time.
  • Provides information displayed on the meter
  • Recharge easily through